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“I imagine households will be a lot more savvy about looking for the best deal now,” said Tony Jordan, a consultant at Auxilione. “In the back of their minds, they may still have worries about company collapses and stability.” To read the full story, click here.
Energy analysts Auxilione commented that, “the lack of cold weather in the long-term forecasts, supported by a string of LNG cargoes expected in the coming weeks and EU storage levels still above 80%, are giving markets the confidence that 2023 has an opportunity to be very different to last year”.
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Tony Jordan, of energy consultancy Auxilione, warned that wholesale prices could still potentially shoot up again in the coming months because of disruption, for instance if demand for liquefied natural gas (LNG) spikes from China or if there are more cold snaps.  He said refilling European gas storage tanks without…
The Telegraph
More than 2 million of Britain’s most vulnerable households, facing the prospect of out-of-reach prices for gas and electricity, could shiver in silence this winter by disconnecting from the grid without their suppliers knowing, the chief executive of one utility warned. Click here to read the…
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AUXILIONE co-founder, Tony Jordan says there are several steps the national grid can uses to avoid blackouts, including a prevention scheme that may be used tomorrow. Watch the full interview here…