Tony Jordan
26 February 2024

Auxilione Launch YouTube Channel

Today Auxilione launch a new YouTube channel.

We start with a series of videos aimed at looking at the Ofgem Price Cap.

It’s been a topical subject in recent years, highly discussed throughout 2022 and 2023 with its staggering rises, but also more recently as we see the decline in wholesale markets but not immediately reflected in the Price Cap.

This series looks at what prompted the Price Cap to be introduced and how it has managed through events it was not necessarily designed for. Calls for it to be abolished or significantly changed are questioned in the series and we hope it helps enlighten further questions to be asked as part of those considerations.

Its intent is not to create debate, but to simply emphasise the challenges the market has undertaken in recent years and perhaps much of this is easily forgotten when wholesale markets and the Price Cap do not immediately align.

A link to our new YouTube channel can be found here.